A couple of weeks ago I went to the Baltics with no reason at all. Just wanted to reach Finland to meet my friend Natalia and I said to myself, well, I should visit something else right? So I did it. I appeared in Vilnius (Lithuania) June the 23rd and it was Monday. What I didn´t know is that in this strange and suspiciously clean city there are electronic parties every Monday in order to relieve justified depression at the beginning of the week and all that stuff which I think is extremely thoughtful by the way. So there I ended like a worm in the whole and raved until a lovely and mysterious man called Andrius and his nonspeaking brother told me there was an electronic festival two days after in the middle of the woods, in front of a huge lake. So I went with them. Slept in their tent. Didn´t speak with his brother at all, and had an incredible and unsuspected time with them. And with the other ravers too.

I stayed in Lithuania for a week. And If Natalia hadn´t been waiting for me a few countries above I probably would have stayed longer.

The thing is that in Supynes Festival, which I highly recommend to all of you crazy rave lovers, I met a guy called Mantas. He was with another guy, I can´t remember his name, but I remember his face because he had his sun glasses on and I said to him, hey! What are you trying to hide? And he took them off and showed me his punched black eye and I felt like shit for a second but we all laughed and they invited me to smoke some weed. So I went with them and I ended up telling them about momentoverso, the project I share with my brother, and Mantas (not the punched one, remember) liked it so much that he gave me his home address so I could send him an improvised poem with the words FAKE TAXI.

After the thirty minutes conversation-joint I said good bye to them and never see them again.

But Mantas must be reading this poem right now.

And that´s what life is about.

IMG_20150803_191735mantasPost by Tania Panés


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